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What aspects of the United States are stronger than China?

When I was in high school in the United States. A Chinese student in the school was blocked by several black people in the toilet for a few dollars. He  did not give it to him. The black man took his cell phone and  threatened him. He reluctantly took the cell phone from the black man  and punched him a few times. This means that in the country, as soon as it did not come to the money, it did not cause any harm. Probably most teachers, up to school warning? Or it's more likely that you can't find these blacks. Because they didn't know them at all, they didn't know what their names were. After the classmate came out of the toilet, I passed through the toilet and he said what had just happened. And gave me a slight bruise on my arm that I couldn't see. We went to the office to find a teacher. The teacher found the witnesses who were at the door of the toilet at the fastest time and found the blacks in a class. The blacks were called to the office, but they all denied it. It is said to be the wrong person. The teacher sneaked the classmates to the door of the office for identification. It was determined after them. Because  the teachers are afraid that they will threaten to retaliate after  school, so the Chinese in the school have advanced two classes in  advance. (The whole school is also four or five Chinese.) The next thing is beyond my expectation. The school reported the police. This case was handed to the student court. One day the director of the school came over and called a taxi to carry us several Chinese people to a court-like place. There was a person who asked about our experience. Then the director asked us to go back to school after lunch. During the meeting, we and the director said that we didn't want to pursue it. It was too much trouble. The  director said to me with great enthusiasm that this is the United  States. I know that you Chinese don't like trouble. However, the school  will help you handle the whole affairs. Our school does not allow such things to happen at school. At the end of the matter, we attend class as usual. Only from the high school four years later that day, we have never seen the blacks. And  according to the teacher, they were given a restraining order and they  would go to jail if they dared to show revenge in front of us.

I is definitely a public library! There  are 119,487 public libraries in the United States. There is a public  library for an average of 2,700 individuals. There are more public  libraries in the United States than McDonald's. 68% of Americans have a library card, and they borrow an average of 7 books per person per year. Answering the main place of residence, there are approximately 12 public libraries within 20 minutes of driving. The  public library in the United States is not only a place for borrowing  books, but 98% of the libraries have a network and a computer. For some  people, it is the main method of contacting the Internet, especially  young people in poor or remote areas. The public  library also organizes a lot of reading activities, from the newborn  baby to the elderly, all have suitable activities. My  baby has been going for 3 months. By now, one and a half years old, the  library has become a very important part of our lives. The children's area of the library generally has a lot of toys and multimedia, which is a good place to bring your baby.

The American dog is doing well. There are many places where we need to learn from the United States in the management of pet dogs and the civilization of dog owners.

In many parks in the United States, you can see this sign: Off Leash Area.

Only certain areas can loosen the leash, that is, in other areas of the park can not be loose dog chain. One time I rode my bike to a park in Minneapolis, I saw a big golden retriever happy in the no-chain zone. When someone opened the door and tried to run out, the owner was greeted with a good meal. . In addition, the law has special restrictions on large dangerous breeds. For example, the law of Minnesota, which is the Great Brightness Rule 347.52, stipulates that "dangerous breeds" as defined by the animal management department must be put on public places to prevent them from biting other people.

The English world has more information than the Chinese language. Ordinary Americans can learn more information than ordinary Chinese. Many things that are not found in the country can't be found, and they come out in English. In fact, I know this difference most when I know the answer to the questions of history. Many topics search for Chinese for a long time. There may be a dedicated Wikipedia page in English. It is like Western history, art history, etc. When  I answer the question, I just sort out the English material and  translate it. I feel like I am the second trafficker of information. This information is not only in English-speaking countries, but also Greek history, African art, and Egyptian archeology. From history to nature, from physics to astronomy, anyone who wants to study a bit deeper must deal with English literature. There is also the friendliness of the information in the English-speaking world. This  can be said to be a kind of self-escalation after the English  information reaches a certain level: after the information volume is  nearly saturated, the cultural practitioners begin to optimize the  existing information according to the audience. In  the Chinese language, only long and boring text information is found.  Like photography guides, it is often found in the English-speaking world  that Little White is teaching videos. The  veteran in the video is often an attitude of “this is very simple for  you”; it is not the kind of domestic words in the mouth, “this is not  what you can understand now” attitude. The  vast majority of high school-level courses can find online classes on  YouTube, and it is a very interesting kind of web class for excellent  editors and hosts. Most  of the university’s junior courses can also find online classes. For  example, I recently looked at college-level digital photography 001  courses. The 18-hour lecture is exactly the same as the class. (Photography  course link:, teacher is professor of  Stanford optics, it is recommended) The United States and Britain add up  to only one third of our population, but it creates much more  information than we do. It  shows the high efficiency of its population as an information producer,  which also enables its own population to enjoy wider and deeper  information. This is a cultural advantage. Of  course, a huge information base is only a tool, and what is more  important is the people’s desire to seek information actively. This is another matter. Update: Points to reply to the comment area 1. I am not saying that English itself is better than Chinese. I speak more English than I do in Chinese. 2. Some students in the comment area pointed out that this is because China has accumulated less. I  want to say that this is all right. In the future, China may certainly  exceed the United States in terms of cultural content output. I am just describing the current phenomenon. 3. The United States and the English-speaking world are certainly not equal. However,  the United States is the largest content provider in the  English-speaking world today, and it has also been able to draw on the  vast database of information in the English-speaking world. There is a close connection between the two. 4.  The English-speaking world is rich in information, and its essence is  that scientists, archeologists, artists and media from the United States  (and the United Kingdom) have been more active than China for a long  time. What is more  essential is that their economic development has enabled more people to  engage in cultural and scientific research. 5. Many students in the commentary area attributed the problem to Baidu and Wall. But I don't think these are the main reasons for the problem, just some appearances. In the final analysis, China’s cultural and scientific capabilities are not enough.

I grew up in China and later studied and worked in the United States for many years. Because of professional and work reasons, there is more political and judicial access to the United States. Talk about this. The  United States' checks and balances are indeed more mature than China's.  In particular, the judicial system imposes irreproachable restrictions  on legislative power and executive power. It  is not the American people’s great wisdom that year that the judicial  power is so independent, but the unique history and the political  wrestling of various parties when it was founded (If one of you is  interested, you can learn about Marbury v. Madison and Justice John  Marshall. others). In  addition, the strong judicial power of the United States does not have  much to do with the people’s cooking system, because this situation is,  as far as I know, only the United States. Europe basically does not have  such a strong judicial system. Britain  may have counted one if it is reluctant to calculate, but it has not  reached the level of the United States (if you are interested in  children's shoes, you can learn about Edward Coke and King James I). However, it also comes from the unique political situation at that time and it has nothing to do with ideology. Of  course, this kind of system is not perfect. Even some American legal  scholars are, to a certain extent, envious of China’s high efficiency of  “the central government is talking about doing it right away”. The disadvantage of checks and balances is that they are wasteful. Want to pass any law must be all kinds of torments, all kinds of political transactions, or even simply opposed to oppose. I  remember talking to an old gentleman who was at the top of the Senate  Finance Committee in the 1980s. He lamented that since the 1990s, the  two parties in the United States have completely lacked the spirit of  "this is for the good of the country," and they basically uphold "you  support I will definitely oppose the principle of ". But why did I insist that this system is better than China? Because I think the advantage of checks and balances is that things can be guaranteed to not go to the worst. There  was also an answer to the previous discussion. After Trump took office  as travel ban, he overstretched his head. The judicial system can  directly intervene and destroy it. This is basically impossible in China. Fortunately  for China, leaders have been more reliable in recent years, so the lack  of checks and balances has not been too bad, but it has shown its high  efficiency benefits (this is recognized internationally). However, no one can guarantee that there will be no unreasonable leadership and indecisive decisions. At that time, who can stop the "worst result"? At least the judicial system cannot.

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