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What experiences have you experienced in the United States than in China?

Customer Service Intelligence
With  a broadband connection, it took more than one week to make more than 20  phone calls. The level of listening and speaking had a qualitative  leap. . . The  operator is the best one of the United States landlord, Cox (shall have  a smile here) for the first time customer service is normal, the  younger brother is quite enthusiastic, helped me about five days after  the installation. Given  the consistent efficiency of the service staff of the United States and  the United States, this speed has already made me grateful. However,  it turned out that I was still drawing a picture. On that day, I sat in  my home full of excitement that focused on the civilized world.  However, nothing happened until nightfall. By the way, we are now usually half past eight at night. . . Decisive  and hit the customer service, the first customer service said to help  me check, please hold me for a minute, if minute is indeed minutes  instead of hours and my watch is not bad, I probably waited for 10  minutes, only to get endless silence , and then the system looks like it can not stand it, automatically transferred another customer service. This process loops three times. . . Until  the fourth customer service, one voice sounded unreliable uncle, he  only spent five seconds to find out the truth, I have no social security  code, can not apply for broadband phone. . . Well,  what happened to the little brother a few days ago? Uncle calmly told  me that the younger brother made a mistake and got it. . . wrong. . . Now. . . If  this is in China, I should not have hesitated to hit 12315. However, I  am not sure whether the Americans have such a thing as the Consumer  Protection Association. I can basically confirm that there is no apology  from the uncle. . According  to grasping the burning spirit of Tucao in my heart, I learned from  Uncle Kazuo that we must bring two kinds of IDs (one is not enough.) To  verify the identity of the store, people can be arranged to put me on  the broadband.

The  next day, I endured the hard beat of uber to the store (when I was free  to smuggle public transportation in the United States...) Because the  uncle vowed that I could take my router home from the store, my heart  still had a saving. The installation fee is imaginary, but it is still a pattern. . . When  I arrived at the store, I was amazed to discover the name machine,  which is absolutely rare in the vast rural population of the southern  United States. However,  after all, Americans do not take the unusual route. They call the  planes and do not give up papers. They won't even call numbers. They  don't even have a big screen to show their names. They can only enter an  appointment and wait for customer service to call their names. There  were so many Chinese people on that day, and all kinds of American  Pinyin echoed loudly in the hall. The picture was so beautiful. . . It  was hard to get on the line, the customer service only took a look at  the passport, and I vowed that he did not even turn it over. It was  estimated that he would not find a secret shield agent permit and would  verify my identity. . . Why is it that this is why Amnesty can't verify the phone? In order to thank everyone for their support, the decision was made at one time, and domestic friends should be able to get up! After  verifying my identity, I strongly demanded that I install the router  and I was brutally rejected. At that time, I was desperately desperate  and indignant. I didn't fully understand why he refused me. . . . In  short, we agreed to continue the unsuccessful installation business  from 1pm to 3pm three days later. After defining the characters for  three times and time, I took a ten knife back to uber to return home. . . Three days later, the sky was cloudless, but the legendary installation brother had no news. It is said that the Americans are very punctual, we are, and I think back to the fear of being put a pigeon that day. . . As  a result, we can only continue to call the customer service phone that  has been able to backslide. The climax of the entire story is coming!  Afterwards, in the afternoon of the same day, I called 7-passenger  customer service. Several of the links also passed through layers of  switches. It is conservatively estimated that there are 10 people. The customer service answered my phone "enthusiastically". The  content of the phone is the same, I reported on the address and  registration of the mobile phone number, asked when the installer  arrived, customer service asked me to provide social security code, but I  did not. The  customer service said there was nothing to do. I said that it was only  offered these things last time. I paid 50 dollars! Hey! Customer  service continues to be powerless, I played GG, re-opened a call, or  the system is in a good mood directly to help me turn the next customer  service (preliminary guess is that the company also knows that many  customer service IQ is not enough, so there are buttons can be  transferred to other customer service) . This  process took around half an hour. Most of the conversations in the  middle were highly coincident. By the late days, I had become a repeater  completely, as if I had returned to the days of recitation of English  texts in high school. . . All  this finally came to an end with the appearance of Uncle 2 on the fly.  In my mind, he was the embodiment of Prometheus. It brought a network of  holy fire to the world. Without him, I should have been in an endless  cycle of death. The customer service phone was dead and died. . . . Like  Uncle No. 1 on the 1st, Uncle No. 2 only took 5 seconds to figure out  the situation. The original installer was late and did not call me. The  uncle expressed to me sincere apologies (this is my The only apology the cox had played in 1 week. He said that he would let the installation brother contact me immediately. It took only one minute and I contacted my little brother. Are  you wondering why the uncle can find out so quickly, and the other 10  customer service users are not sure about half an hour? I am also very  curious, MOM! The  installation of the elder brother is also a foolhardy, he told me that  he did not bring enough routers, so take it back to the warehouse. . . No. . . band. . . enough. . . Did a cook come to the kitchen to say that you forgot to bring the pot to you? . . However,  compared with telephone service, Xiaoge is already a fit of  contemporary Einstein and Bethune. He has enough intelligence to  communicate, and has a fearless revolutionary spirit. He says that no  matter how late it is installed today. I  answered the call with tears in my eyes. I used all kinds of grateful  English terms, and even blurted out a “thank you” (Chinese...) and gave  it to me. . . Although it seems that the other party is late, I have not informed me yet. . . In  short, whoever later said to me in front of me that the Americans are  punctual, I promise not to kill him or kill him, but smile by hand. Of  course, in the end my brother's hard work, I finally installed the net,  and it was 8 days after the first customer service confidently told me  that they would install and immediately deducted 50 US dollars. . . It was a miracle that I could sit at home and write this answer on the cox network. After  the landlord learned that I finally installed the Internet, I sent a  congratulatory message to me. Welcome back to the world.

Many aficionados mentioned the difference in law and order. I will talk about two more intuitive examples. The first one was told by the headmaster. Unconfirmed, there may be joking ingredients. It  is said that there is a street in the French district of New Orleans.  At least one person will be killed every day. If he is not dead, he will  go to the local news. . . It  can be proved that there is a native New Orleans buddy who chats and  said that he was afraid to go to the suburbs as a Native American from  Monday to Thursday. Because there were too few police officers, drunk  men might dunk It is recommended that we not go to death. . . By  the way, saying something off-topic, this buddy is now home in Texas.  He heard that Texas has a title of US imperialism in China. It is a  fierce and ill-fated one, and it tells me rightly that Florida is Authentic Kanchan Province. Although  the people of Texas have a gun, the main hobby is shooting deer instead  of shooting people. Unless someone breaks into their home, the people  of Florida will be able to shoot at pedestrians outside the window. . . Although  it is difficult to distinguish between true and false, I promised that  after returning home, I would correct every Chinese person's  misunderstanding of Texas. Well, this is not the performance of policing. . . The  second thing I personally experienced was the United States  Independence Day a few days ago and a fireworks display by the  Mississippi River in the French Quarter. When I was off the field, I started to walk well and I suddenly blared firecrackers behind me. In  the first second, I heard the sound of firecrackers. As a Chinese, the  reaction in my head was nothing more than the release of firecrackers on  the National Day, and the Americans were very happy. In  the second second, I turned around and almost scared the urine. The  black uncles behind me and Bai Yan rushed and accompanied screaming. A  few people seem to be ready to fall. Anyway, that kind of street  shooting and explosion in the US blockbuster. After the scene. All  of us were Spartans and instantly made up the CCTV's news coverage of  the New Orleans shootings and Chinese students, and quickly conceived  the writing of the suicide note. . . Fortunately for the third time, the police uncle stopped the boy and the crowd regained calm. . . Simply tapping a cannon can create this tension, perhaps what the seniors say is true.

Another  intuitive advantage, or feature, is the abundance of resources,  sufficient to eliminate many potential contradictions and  inconveniences, and to a point where it can be as wasteful as possible. From  a lot of details can be felt, for example, all toilets have paper, and  they are full of two large rolls, and even distinguish between toilet  paper and toilet paper, prepare two large volumes. . . For  example, the uncle in the dining hall gave the tomato sauce a handful,  for fear that you are not enough, in fact, light sauce can be full, and  domestic half-day mothers are anxious to be able to save half. . . Such as Wal-Mart's cashier bagging is extremely bold, go to a supermarket for six months back to the garbage bag has. . . For  example, tap water pipes supply cold water and hot water at the same  time. It is estimated that the Americans do not know what kind of water  heater they are, and that cold water can be used directly to drink  without any problems. . . In short, the American people are rich and self-willed. They do not know what is saving. No  matter which city from China, the students around you have more or less  a sense of meeting upstarts. Of course, this feeling disappeared after  they had seen their bungalow town, and the house here was rather short. , very short, very short, because the place is really big, people are really few. . . Because  the urban shop is very open, so basically no traffic jams, of course,  may be a big city like New York and rural areas in the south is  completely different. In  addition, because of the large city, there is no car to move.  Specifically, if you want to buy an apple, you have to drive for more  than ten minutes to Wal-Mart in the suburbs, because the convenience  store in the residential area only sells water and milk. . . When  it comes to cars, the American gasoline is quite good. Even if it is a  kind of classic car for decades, the tail gas has no odor. This should  be an important reason why the air is so clean. After all, so many cars.

Before  watching games in China, the domestic instructors explained them very  carefully. They not only introduced the athletes of their own country,  but also introduced athletes from other countries, where they came from,  what rankings they have in the world, and how their historical  achievements are. Where are the athletes who are dark horses and which athletes are already famous? With regard to swimming and diving, which I see most often, athletes in each country will talk about it. Although  they are mainly concerned about the players of their own countries,  there are still shots of athletes from other countries. After the match,  the instructors will even congratulate the athletes from other  countries for medals. Although others may not even hear, there will be  other things. Interviews with national athletes. In  the United States, the first priority of their narrator is to show that  the United States is multi-talented, unless the opponent is very  powerful and has previously competed with the United States for gold  medals. Otherwise, there is not a single sentence. For example, Chinese  swimmers enter the stadium, except for Sun Yang. There  were introductions and more than 3 seconds of footage. Others did not  even have a point of introduction. Sometimes they did not even have a  single lens. I had always wondered if they would not read the names of  Chinese athletes. For  example, Xu Jiayu did not have a shot on the court until he got a  silver medal and gave a shot, a faint phrase "China got second." In  addition, when the domestic live broadcast, the name of the project  being contested will be in the upper right corner of the screen, but the  United States television station does not (Yes, took another note  tonight, in the lower right corner, but it is easy to be blocked or due  to subtitles No,  so if you switch to this channel in the middle of the game, you don’t  know anything at all. When I look at swimming, I often miss the name of  the athlete's swimlane that contains the name of the project. I don’t  know what they want. Swimming can be seen, but how long to swim is only to see how hard they swim, and then wait. After  the comparison, I think that China has done a lot better than the  United States in the aspect of the live broadcast of the Olympics. It is  more objective and detailed, and it is more like the hope that the  audience will enjoy the game better regardless of the Chinese athletes. The United States is more like a cheerleader's mentality. In  addition, the post-match interview in the United States is not much  better than in China. It is also a question of how happy you are when  you get a medal and how it feels. At least what I see is like this.

In  the United States, if you do not pay attention to your diet, you will  soon become a big fat man because in many cases, high-calorie,  high-sugar and meat products are cheaper than fresh fruits and  vegetables. You  can buy a lot of Cola Sprite and other drinks in the United States is  also regarded as drinking water and McDonald's / KFC / Burger King is  blooming everywhere hamburger Cola must be larger than the domestic size  A standard bag of potato chips can make pillows as big as from the  United States The  frozen chicken legs bought in the supermarket generally feel bigger or  even bigger than domestic chicken legs. They can be used as murder  weapon. The concept of American fat and domestic fat is not the same.  Many people who are considered fat in the country will immediately  become thin. The  so-called "no fate" that does not harm the United States without  comparison is the real kind of fat extra fat that can be found on the  Internet. The fat-conscious person in the US diet weight-loss reality  show "Super Weight Loss King" is definitely not specially selected, but  is seen everywhere in the first episode. The  selection of players is very exaggerated, and various kinds of people  who are fat and deformed come to apply. Therefore, the selection of  judges is very wide. Afterwards,  those players with rich emotions and complicated stories in the past  are all picked up------------------------------------ ----------------------------------------- U.S. cheap foods are often high in fat, High calories make people fat. Fast  food such as McDonald's, Burger King, and KFC will not be affected by  the economic crisis. Instead, food will sell more during the economic  downturn because fast food is not only convenient but also cheap. McDonald's also launched a one-off menu to provide attractive options for people who want to save money. With the reduction of income, people's consumption for fitness is cut down, and stop paying to the health club. The direct consequence of these factors is that the poor become fat. The  obesity rate in the United States is a relatively crushing scale in the  world. Whether it is adults or children, the obesity rate is almost  twice as high as the global average.

The United States is great! Long live the United States! I can't believe that now I came to this place in Sydney, Australia, and I was turned into a muddy dust! No company ever stayed! What good year I had for the United States! There are several places comparable to China, but I can't imagine that Tuao can be mad at it! I'm still in the international metropolis Sydney! I  have been suffering from a bad cold for a long time. I have been  dragging for many days. Now it is deteriorating. I am really bedridden  every day. I have a rare spirit this year to sue for some complaints. Oh,  the school gym is good, but it's expensive, but it's expensive.  (Manually seeing things is too slow. No matter how Western countries do  it, but there's a progress bar! The Internet is dialing. I'm poor. The  place where I live is still not popularized by fiber, Amazon can only  buy books, online shopping and its inconvenience, it is expensive and  expensive, and it costs more than China.The above, the US imperialism  finished the explosion of Tuao, and there are many aspects in it.


Wow, a hundred, then I Say  a few words... to tell the truth, driving at night is not good, there  are no street lights in the village, but also the baby has become a  law-abiding good-naked child who does not open the headlights. I  can't imagine what kind of experience it would be to drive on an  uninhabited road with no lights or fog on it. It was a living Silent  Hill! There were no rest stops along the way. Gas stations and Mai Kee  were closed. Wild urine or squeaking, of course, I chose to take advantage of.

------------------------------------- ------------------------

see a doctor, baby I  just don’t say anything to the public, we all know how to tears, but  it’s not really good, it’s expensive, and you go to a private hospital  near Chicago’s Millennium Park, and it’s expensive to eat for half a  year! The  key is that the nurses and sisters and aunts are extremely poor in  their skills, and they poke with my two arms, infusions, and can't get  in. There are a dozen or so nurses coming and going, and they can only  be poked one by two. Infusion!  The hands are covered with dense Band-Aids, and even the nurses' heads  call for the clinical learning of the younger sisters! Considering the  fear in my heart is not! I have been sick since I was young, and my  domestic nurse has not seen it. I still gave me thousands of bills, but I did not reduce it, but I was treated as a laboratory product for a few hours!

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