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Is the United States in recession?

As a research worker, I am planning to go abroad to do postdoctoral work after graduation. However,  a series of recent events made me very hesitant. Some students studying  abroad also stated that the research pressure in the United States is  very high and the funding for scientific research is also shrinking.
American movies also revealed a pessimistic atmosphere, such as  "Manchester by the Sea" and "Hell or High Water"; so would you like to ask if  the United States is gradually declining?

The  United States is not gradually declining. Look at the US GDP curve over  the years. From 1995 to 2008, the United States is getting better and  better. In the 2008 financial crisis, other countries were crippled by the United States. If not China's economic development, the United States is the only strongest economy. Today, as long as the United States does not seek death on its own, the economy still develops. However,  due to the economic growth of emerging countries such as China, the  U.S.’s voice in the world economy will gradually decline.

Only  Chinese talents will ask whether the United States is declining,  because China is the only country that is getting closer to the United  States. Nearly  30 years after the end of the Cold War, the influence of Europe, Japan,  which once economically rivaled the United States, has rapidly  declined. Russia has become a second-rate country. The United States  still surpasses the sum of all other countries' military expenditures.  The dollar is still the only world currency and culture. The  output reached the highest point in history through Hollywood and the  Internet. The FDA and other standards of domestic agencies in the United  States are still cited by the world. The cutting-edge technologies have  gradually converged from the United States, Europe, Japan, and Russia  to the United States. The  major inventions that changed the world in the last 20 years, such as  the Internet, mobile computing, financial derivatives, targeted drugs,  and gene editing, have all originated from the United States. When  Europe was once prosperous and wealthy and faced with a sense of  superiority in the United States, it gradually became trapped in  economic stagnation and the quagmire of social conflicts was  intensified. It has been said that a land price in Tokyo can buy the entire United States of Japan and have spent a "lost two decades." In  other developed countries trying desperately to bring in those who do  not agree with their values in order to fight ageing, the United  States is the only destination where young, wealthy, high-tech,  high-quality immigrants have to wait for long queues for immigrants. Many  of the answers stated that the United States is only relatively  backward in terms of its strength, and its absolute strength is still  growing. On  the contrary, the fact is that the United States is not only far ahead  of all countries in terms of total economic output; it has even exceeded  all countries in increments. In other words, the United States not only continues to lead, but the gap continues to grow. Only China has hope to approach.

The  absolute power of the United States is not debilitating, but due to the  lack of an external pressure, the upper class of society feels that it  no longer needs to properly provide a stable living space for the  bottom. The weakening of the bottom layer, in turn, leads to the slower absorption of wealth from the bottom by the upper layer. In  the case of slower absorption rate, the upper tier adopts various  supply-side reforms such as tax increases, compulsory insurance, rising  educational costs, rising rents, and rising medical prices, and  increasing the rate of absorption of wealth from the lower tier. The inefficiency of welfare and subsidy makes the wealth form a one-way flow, or, to a great extent, benefits the upper strata. This  situation makes the social class more and more closed, and the closed  social class leads to a decrease in mobility between different classes,  which in turn leads to a reduction in information and cultural exchanges  among different classes. The  reduction of the influence of the upper culture has led to a  significant decline in the control of the upper level to the lower  level, which in turn has led to a decline in overall social coordination  and organizational capacity. If  it is a relatively small crowd organization, the upper and lower levels  may be disjointed. Due to size constraints, the degree of deviation  from one upload to the next may not be very serious. However,  once a large-scale crowd organization has emerged from the top and  bottom, it is likely that it will eventually be a squat, and it will  appear as a half-length image on the macroscopic level. The  United States may have such hemi-innocent sensory characteristics,  making everyone feel that the United States is declining. But in reality, as an entity, the United States has not declined, but he has only lost control.

The  United States basically resumed on a large scale in the previous years.  Although many people hate Obama and say why so many problems in  American society, the United States is actually the world’s most  economically restored country. On the other hand,  due to the economic slowdown and policy risks, emerging economies such  as China or Brazil are experiencing massive capital outflows. Of  course, now that Trump is the President of the United States, I  personally are not very optimistic. His immaturity and instability have  increased everyone’s concerns. His political  position does not have a proper position at all. He is neither standing  on the side of the voters who originally elected him to come to power.  It seems that the overall thinking of the Republican Party is not the  same. What will happen in the next few years? Who knows?

The relative strength has dropped, but the absolute strength has become stronger. From  1990 to 2017, the total economic output of the United States has  tripled (from 6 trillion US dollars to 18 trillion US dollars) in 27  years. In addition to inflation, the U.S. national strength has also  increased by countless percentage points. Because the biggest enemy is finished, the United States can deal with all countries except China without nuclear weapons.


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