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The child wants to study in the United States.

The child wants to study in the United States. He is told that the United States is not in law and order. Is it true?

My  son wants to study abroad. He must also go to the United States. I also  know that there are many good universities in the United States. But  what our parents are most worried about is his safety. Looking at many of the campus cases and listening to others saying that there are many gun incidents, what is the truth? Is it safe to study in the United States?

What is "safety"? I  spent nearly 30 years in China. I have turned several cities and never  personally encountered gun violence because it is technically very  difficult to happen in China. I  spent nearly four years in the United States. I saw almost every month  where the shootings were reported. It was not an exaggeration.  McDonald's dropped the flag by three to five and the last one was within  four miles. No  one can whitewash the problem of violent crime in the United States.  This is a basic fact of public life in this country. There is nothing to  be debated. But I haven’t finished yet. I stayed in the United States for four years and have not been deceived. I  want all kinds of people in China to cheat, all kinds of unworthy, all  kinds of shoddy, all kinds of false air, all kinds of self-benefit, all  kinds of opportunism, all kinds of blinding, all kinds of sheep, all  kinds of counseling Five,  anyway, as long as I get along with people, a lot of energy is spent on  identifying others, not professional fraud, but everywhere, selling  things, serving, acquaintances and strangers, including relatives and  friends, in China, as long as you Think hard, you will find that sometimes parents are hard to trust and change the way to deceive you. No one thinks that "honesty" is a necessary virtue.

Hello  to this parent, I am an American. My job has allowed me to reach many  Chinese students and parents. Many parents feel the same as your  concerns. I feel that the United States is insecure and I feel that this  country is not strict with gun control. Some time ago in Florida. There was also a very tragic shooting incident in the school. Now the students are holding “March for lives” in Washington. But  what I want to say is that the issue of “security” is a question of  probability. We do not deny that there are indeed security risks in the  United States, but the reason why Chinese parents have such an  impression on the United States is because news media reports have given  us such subconscious . All countries, including China, have insecure areas and examples of tragedies caused by their lack of awareness of protection. In  most cities in the United States, the safety factor is indeed related  to the region, and most schools are in a relatively safe and quiet area. In this answer.


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